Net about the threshold of the car in the car to improve your eligibility

now drops, "step", "tick car", various network platforms have emerged about the car, provides convenience for people’s travel, but this way to travel at the same time there are also many security problems. Today, the region has introduced a network of about car safety policy, as a member of the network about the car, your car can be on the road?

11 month 1 onwards, around the network about the new deal officially landed. Through the rigid provisions, the new deal core – Security once again become the focus of hot debate, has become an important benchmark for access to the network or not.

throughout the new rules, the local car invariably become the network about the vehicle access to hard targets. Secondly, the new deal has requested the operation of vehicles through environmental protection and safety performance testing, requiring the installation of compliance with the relevant provisions of the state and the region of the main passive safety configuration, and the vehicle wheelbase expressly stated.

compared to fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places are not limited to the impact of the purchase, enjoy a free license, easier to go home". Coupled with the purchase of a number of cities are not limited to the line, the roadside can be free parking, enjoy policy subsidies, energy saving and other advantages of direct poke about the interests of the owners of the pain points, no doubt about the potential of the network owners more attractive.

however, the new energy vehicles in the mix of good and bad, in line with the requirements of the new model is not much. For BYD, its Qin EV300, Qin hybrid, E6 and other new energy models are in line with the wheelbase requirements, with better comfort and stability, the configuration is also far superior than the standard. Qin to EV300 as an example, it has 360° panoramic imaging system, ABS EBD anti lock brake system, brake force distribution system, TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, the whole car 10 airbags and a number of security configuration, can protect the full range of consumer safety.

not only that, BYD new energy vehicles as early as 2010 has been put into operation around the world demonstration and commercialization. In E6, for example, so far, the cumulative total operating mileage of statistics has exceeded 400 million km, a total of more than 880 thousand km bike ride. Such a huge market practice endorsement, confirms the safety and reliability of BYD new energy vehicles. In addition, BYD also put Qin, E5 and other models as drops of self powered vehicles, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. By the Federation data show that this year, 1~9 months, BYD’s new energy passenger car sales have exceeded 70 thousand, accounting for over 33% of the country’s new energy vehicles passenger car sales. This reflects the consumer’s trust in BYD’s new energy vehicles on the other hand.

about the new car safety benchmarking, many models are tiaola, but really excellent vehicles will stick to the end. BYD new energy vehicles will become the biggest winner of this game.

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