What are the small business model for you to introduce a small shop

dry cleaning industry is a relatively rapid development of the industry over the past two years, its broad prospects for concern. Now more and more dry cleaning operation mode, the product line is also more and more, in addition to the original clothes, now many dry cleaners also increased wash shoes, leather goods such as washing, today Xiaobian to introduce several models.

1. centralized washing mode

this model solve the contradiction between the lack of technical strength, work and technical personnel. The laundry is not equipped with large equipment, is only responsible for the collection of clothing, and then concentrated washing. Shop only hot table, sewing machines and other simple auxiliary tools to facilitate the needs of simple services. The disadvantage is that the reaction speed is slow, take the time to send no guarantee. This store is distributed in all corners of the network is a collection of clothing, but also equipped with individual equipment stores, but few.

2. relatively centralized washing

this model stores not only wash their shop for clothes, is also responsible for cleaning laundry outlets around a range of clothing. This not only solved the problem of lack of technical strength. The utility model also solves the problem that the clothes are taken off and the aging is affected. The downside is that shop to have a certain strength, one is the center must be large enough to ensure to meet to provide services for the surrounding laundry outlets, another is the strength at the same time surrounding the establishment of enough laundry outlets, otherwise the center point of the excess capacity is also a loss. If you do not build a clothing outlets, serving others, there is a living source is guaranteed and the interests of the distribution problem.

3. shop before the factory model

this mode is on the market with the most, especially the franchising enterprises, basically are using this model. The utility model has the advantages of convenient and quick operation and open and transparent work. The disadvantage is that technology is not guaranteed. The laundry industry is now a shortage of technical personnel, how to open a dry cleaning shop, in addition to the selection of a good addition to the business, but also has a strong technical talent.