Website product function design how to design new user guide

introduction: This article is a little seven, Mo Xuan, Danyue, and I 4 people working together results in the design of STS in September of this year’s conference had a share. Our design sharing session has 4 speech themes, and several other topics will be available later, ~

is a new network products, or a new function to attract the user’s interest, you need to allow users to quickly understand what it was just a touch, what can be done, and can start some simple operations immediately. If you haven’t figured it out for a long time, then you’ll probably give up completely.

therefore, the design of novice user guidance is the design of the user’s first one or two products experience, the design goal is to allow novice users quickly and painlessly become intermediate users.

1. Considerations for design

no matter what type of product, novice users will experience some common emotional process are: they will try on new products and features some curious and confused, hoping to quickly understand the concept and scope of its. Sensitive and easily frustrated when trying to use it. If you have a very good understanding of the products of the expert users, the general will be very confident that the expert users of the product introduction and judgment.

for the novice users of these emotional characteristics, we try to put forward some of the design novice user attention when booting.

1. as few novice tasks as possible

first of all, we want to let the novice quickly understand what the product is, what can be done, and can quickly get started, then the completion of the process must experience the task must not be more than, should be particularly targeted. Guide users to read instructions or try to operate, should focus on the "understanding of the concept of products, scope" of this goal, as far as possible no more than three new tasks. "Think of users as very smart, but very busy people."." – Alan Cooper.

The best boot of

2. is invisible

if a product user interface is good enough, reflects the user’s mental model of words, so it does not need to design the new user guide, but can let users a see to know how to operate. On the other hand, in the new product, the continuation of users in other similar products have developed habits, but also will lead to an invisible means.

3. easy to spot and understand

when new functions are really complex enough to require special guidance, we need to make the boot information easy for users to discover and understand and provide a clear access to the operations.

4. appropriately exaggerates the extent of user success


is sensitive and easily frustrated, giving her some encouragement and positive feedback can help her build up her confidence. This is especially common in games