You need to develop a good habit of thinking

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often develop the good habit of thinking, learning without thought is useless, dead without learning is perilous. This is Confucius to teach us the true saying, we also need to think much the same. The main points of thinking can be roughly divided into the following points:

1) think about how long you expect traffic to reach your goals in months or even 1 years from the site. A few months, found that traffic has become stable, without thinking, without countermeasures, that is to sit still. It will take months or years to go. It’s the same. It won’t change. This is also a lot of small Adsense distressed important point.

2) website profit diversification. Although we all know that advertising revenue is an important profit point, but I think different websites, different nature, have their own characteristics, so there will be a special way of profit. Classified information websites can be promoted through advertising, paying information, registering and promoting business.

3) website functions change from single to diversified. A typical example is the integration of UCHOME homes, BBS forums, master stations, or blog systems. On the one hand, it can increase traffic, on the other hand can bring back customers, so that their website has more and more customer groups. Popularity comes up, and the website is active and will naturally increase the value of the website.

4) website user experience optimization. You can try to develop some function plug-ins and feedback system from the user’s point of view (such as message boards), which is in order to know, and I want to get to our website visitors (customers) exchange, can get valuable advice from them.

above focuses on their own point of view, the writing is not very good, please forgive me. In fact, the main idea is to let our minds keep thinking and spend more time on the website.

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