Standing afraid of famous pigs, afraid of fat webmaster, to Overcome Jealousy

opened the mailbox today and received a mail like this.

, when looking through your account, we note that the way you are currently displaying Google advertising is not in line with our policy. For example, we found violations of AdSense policy on Web pages like

. As we plan in the policy, AdSense publishers shall display ads in Google contains copyrighted material on the web.

therefore, we have to stop advertising to the site.

your AdSense account is still valid. However, we strongly recommend that you take the time to read our plan and policies to ensure that your other pages are in line with our requirements.

please note that if we find another policy violation in the future, your account may be deactivated.

Google AdSense from


quickly open the website to see, the advertising area is blank. The domain name is blocked. My account has been good, how can this problem occur? Think about it more than a few trips, Admin5 out of the name, was jealous, reported it, mostly for this reason. How can you say that? Well, a good exchange of experience has become the target of being attacked.

everyone is grassroots is not easy, this world of earning glory, the Yankees can earn more money to earn more. What do you want me to do? If there’s any good idea, who will dare to share it?.

doesn’t blame everybody. Hurry up and change ads. Change, and continue to communicate with everyone, this time all replaced Ali mother, and fear of being BAIDU to K. (letting Mom be baiduK) don’t know if it’s true, master answers. Depressed ah, into a station afraid of famous, pig afraid of fat.

in short, I am not discouraged, there are traffic, who’s advertising will not be bad. Stay cool, clean and safe. I’ll be more famous. I’m going to be a net hog.