Vertical social networking a recipe search engine from a gourmet relationship

is really heavy for two days, trying to find something fun and fun to share, and to have fun this time, about everything that everyone loves. Who does not love delicacy? But if you are responsible for home cooking every day the friend, presumably for the delicacy a little love and hate? Every day to eat what this really is a desperate thing! Can not think of so many things, and do not necessarily want to get out to go on the search site,




must have a lot of friends will be the first to think of Google search, Baidu search, a few days ago a friend QQ asked me what delicacy good sharing recipes website? I think for a long time, it is relatively small, a few days ago to see, a little excited, it is not a many new sites, from a small series of recommended tools abroad on see, was found that a large number of users with enthusiastically recommend and share it, this let me have the desire to click. The interface of the website is love, simple and clear navigation, a picture as the background of each station delicacy, or to refresh the website, the background image is present in different flavors of delicacy. Small excitement, but also let me help but sigh with emotion, must share with you to share. – Search recipes, find / share delicious, social

with good foodWhat is

Foodily? You can say that it is a practical tool for life, as long as the input keyword you want to eat dishes, you can find the menu in the Foodily above, of course, you can also upload their own recipes, recipes can also be of their love, become your private food list, you can always find you need the dishes. In this sense, Foodily is more than just a tool. It is, in a systematic way, a recipe search engine. That’s why this year’s search engine maker Blekko chose to work with Foodily, the vertical search community – Recipe search service. In addition, Foodily uses visual search services (delicious pictures) to help users find what they want.

is precisely because of this collaboration, Foodily through the Blekko TAG technology and Facebook interrelated, making Foodily become a recipe for food to socialize community. Share good food and recipes with friends and make friends with gourmet people. Not long ago, Foodily released a Facebook app, the new App allows users without leaving the Facebook can come into contact with tens of thousands of blogs and delicacy menu information. According to Foodily himself, there are three points in Foodily.