Venture a year, everyone is how to escape the car C wheel of death

Abstract: what is the most afraid of the start-up company, first, into the wrong line; second, met the wolf.


this is the owner of the car owner Li Jian readme. Recently, the news all vehicles C round of financing of a huge sum in the industry spread like wildfire, in spite of all the official car did not respond, but the event itself is not to weaken the influence of.

in the entrepreneur of the year 3 cover will have to guard against the C round of death as the topic of the opening, mentioned more than 90% of entrepreneurs sad C turn off. However, for all cars, second-hand car market ceiling is large enough, the business model, the ultimate minimalist; the first C2C virtual mode in the Chinese consignment second-hand car industry, currently in the industry’s position is self-evident; in foreign claims numbers, both the monthly trading volume, the total turnover of bicycle, car platform source time never false false, honest and frank, step by step to walk. These, corresponding to the C round of death of several causes of death has advantages.

it is because of this "friend" culture, all car company attracts too many talented men still remained in concealment, look "talent, such as the National People’s Congress put fine timber to petty use of the" computer graduate where just a mediocre programmer, such as Ferrari China representative is a grass-roots workers. While all car venture a year, can get from Lei Jun investment on the smooth transition to millions of dollars in several rounds of financing, and not in the imagination of the Everything is going smoothly. The experience of the ups and downs, suffered by the pressure, frustration and confusion, and now are struggling to force entrepreneurs are not different. This article from the sincere memories narration, may be able to pry the car several times to avoid all the reasons behind C round die.

text / everyone car founder Li Jian

from the idea of entrepreneurship, to last year, the official establishment of all cars, has been constantly asked me: can make it?. Looking back a year later, to the present is very lucky, it is not easy. There are so many times, everyone dies with C wheel. Look back, sigh.

business difficulties: a month to sell a car

at the beginning, our business is incredibly successful.

in April last year, all cars were set up on the site before the line, we rely on the line to sell the first car service. July official website on-line, the first day of PV million. We are very excited about the four founders: to do so, by the end of 2015 to sell a month of 500, it became.


months, sales began to fall, a week limit. It is the hottest season in Beijing, the whole body will be sweating, anxiety. But the pressure and contrast business, weather brings stress not worth mentioning. At that time our office in the Department of building a two bedroom inside, the whole company more than a dozen individuals, each person who can have a multitasker, on whom.