Traditional industries use wiki tools to create value

know Wikipedia, originally from Baidu encyclopedia, because we work in the plastics industry, the industry of some words and techniques need detailed understanding, encyclopedia is these professional terms entry collection camp. But relatively profound understanding of Wikipedia, derived from HDWIKI. At that time, the company’s operation in China blister network urgent need to improve greatly, whether it is the interface, content, or traffic. When I found HDWIKI, my consciousness told me that I had found a good tool, a good tool, a double shooter to connect content and traffic.

China blister net is a vertical portal of blister industry, providing supply and demand opportunities for blister industry, blister information, blister technology and Chinese blister forum. Plastic is a plastic processing technology, the main principle is the flat hard plastic sheet is heated to soften, using vacuum adsorption on the surface of the mold, cooling after molding, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries. And blister plastics is a branch of the industry.

when we found WIKI, everyone’s first reaction is to establish a Chinese blister network of their Interactive Encyclopedia, a plastic industry that allows people to share and learn together Encyclopedia of knowledge. Interactive Encyclopedia, one can further enhance the interactive function of China’s Blister network, and the two can provide a plastic industry professional Encyclopedia for people in the plastic suction industry. Considering the wider scope of the industry, we are positioned in the whole plastics industry, so the plastic encyclopedia is born.

professional, can do professional industry, can do professional things, can help more professional people.

HDWIKI, his character is very obvious, first: he is PHP programming, MYSQL database, the Encyclopedia of such a large amount of data, good bearing capacity; second characteristics, is his union function, an ant strength may be limited, but a few ants can move a few times larger than theirs the object, and a group of ants can make an elephant a few minutes to come to nothing. The alliance can share the entry and share the happy results. Save your time, and the alliance turns all your members into a self. It also contributes a good spiritual atmosphere to the society.

, but the establishment of plastic encyclopedia is not so smooth, because you still need to make some changes, at least in line with the characteristics of the industry. Fortunately, HDWIKI provides a lot of sharing templates, so that you can modify the template you like, but also save time, of course, to help you save time is also one of the value of wikipedia.

before the plastic encyclopedia was running, I remember we had to reinstall it several times. This has our own reasons, and there are also HDWIKI reasons. Well, now let me explain some of the problems we’ve encountered, so that people can save time and effort while installing and building, and make a contribution to the Interactive Encyclopedia