Online shopping is an integral part of most people’s lives

online shopping has become an integral part of most people’s lives,

network spread to today, it can be said that it has covered all aspects of people’s lives. Online shopping, online dating, online meal ordering, homes can also be outside all hold hands. This new pattern of consumption has brought great convenience to people.

stroll online shop: little mouse than three goods, time-saving and economical,

Yang young age, but the network "purchase age" has been 7 years, it can be said that online shopping is one of the "initiator". In 2002, online shopping was very strange to many people. At the same time, all kinds of online shopping malls were not as numerous as they are today.

"the ultimate purpose of online shopping and shopping is the same, but you need to spend more effort shopping, and online shopping only a little mouse, you can buy more than three.". Most of the time, online shopping depends on an attitude." Miss Yang will be online shopping as a way of life. "My online shopping career began in 2002. At that time, the network is not universal, the vast majority of "pioneer" also stay in the bubble chat room stage, simply do not try to buy online. Maybe I have been involved in the IT industry. I have a strong affinity for computers and networks, even when they are unfamiliar with the internet. At that time, online shopping malls are not so much now, and few of them are also some e-commerce websites. Remember, the first online shopping is a comic book, I do not feel like, but colleagues say I thought ahead."

if 7 years ago, online shopping is a kind of advanced consumption patterns, then, 7 years later today will not be online shopping is "old antiques."".

"online shopping is so convenient, you have a lot of room for choice, and the price is relatively cheap."." Miss Yu began to become obsessed with online shopping last year, starting with a pair of limited edition brand sneakers. "Many sports brands in Taiyuan don’t necessarily catch up with the latest trends. Once I saw a brand in a limited edition of a brand, was very much like it, but Taiyuan stores are not. Later on the Internet to find out, some of Beijing’s online shop can buy, and the price than the mall counter is also cheap dozens of pieces, even with postage is also very cost-effective." In addition to clothing, online shopping for cosmetics, home lighting is also very popular with women. Women around reporters, 95% of them have online shopping experience, and online shopping comments are also good in the majority.

opens the shop: although is the hypothesized shop, but also needs the good faith management

miss a few years ago served in a provincial television station, married after leaving the unit, running a shop of their own. Talking about her online store, she says it also benefits from the rapid growth of the internet. "After so many years of work, fatigue is inevitable, so I think I should do something by myself.". With her husband to discuss shop, but one experience, and secondly, the risk of investment too big, was rushed to the Internet store rise, so after thinking, decided to open an online shop