The necessity of the real name system of the Forum

many webmaster think is not necessary, I think so, but in the BBS development process, I found the BBS real name system has many advantages, can’t wait to take out and share.

first, the real name system of the forum is a direction, not to say that a real name system, and immediately all registered members of all real name system

second, according to the party) (central) (instructions to let some people get rich first, and then promote the common prosperity of all, and the current achievements, but also everybody be obvious to people, so we have to let some people think the real name, and then drive the common name

third, for example a register with your true identity of the forum you will often pay attention to? At least I think so, if I think the forum is not how, at least I will not use my true identity to the registration, later also might not go, but if I think the forum a little better, but if I use real identity registration, which means I am optimistic about this forum, member loyalty suddenly increased, or even a lifetime all remember why Renqibuwang

is to say if there are 100 people registered to your forum every day, each one, there is a situation every day there are 20 people registered, of which only 2 members, but you choose these 2 members in more than 40 posts which forum atmosphere was

– –

coupled with the current situation, I think we can choose several strategies to implement the real name system

in some areas

plus certification member group – the implementation of real name, mobile phone authentication,

moderator real name – mobile phone certification

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facts have proved that the more the conditions apply, the moderator will be more talent, I want to negotiate


then SMS to verify

and then submit ID number, communication address, name and other information

then apply, did not expect really many people to apply for


apply for moderators of the people, not because of the condition of the deduction and not apply for

deductions will only improve the quality of moderators,

, a forum is attractive, and this charm is not discounted by any deductions!



China network is a good example of