The right remedy was Baidu K station reasons and coping methods fully analytical

1, Baidu’s It is without rhyme or reason..

2, your website is suspected of cheating.

3, your friendship link is a problem, that is, one of your friendship links on behalf of the site was Baidu K, you have been implicated.

4, and with you with another site under IP K, you have to be implicated. Most of this happens in the case of a virtual host.

5, your web site contains content that Baidu considers sensitive, especially politics.

6, your website’s content is a large number of copies of other sites, especially collection. Baidu believes that your station is not included in the necessary, in order to ease the burden on Baidu and enhance the user experience of Internet users.

7, may be your station is new station, has not included.

8, your domain name has a criminal record, that is to say, the domain name you registered is K because of the original user.

suit the remedy to the case: each point corresponds to the above, please read clearly.

1, for the first point, you can write to Baidu. As for whether it works, God knows.

2, if you are trying to cheat, please yourself from the. If it’s because of ignorance that Baidu thinks it’s cheating, you can surf the Internet and learn about seo.

3, you link the web site one by one site: if the site out of the empty, quickly delete the link.

4, for fourth, you can only have one: change the host,


5, check out your website and delete sensitive content. It’s hard work. Besides, you don’t always know what Baidu thinks is sensitive. Here, your home page refers to politics, especially the content of the XX party. Next, see if there is any pornographic information. Also, whether there is a malicious attack on Baidu content, I heard that Baidu is stingy, but I do not dare to guarantee that. Rumor, believe it for the moment.

6, the content of the pseudo original, on this knowledge, a lot of online. Not redundant.

7, wait, as long as there is no more than six errors, will be included. Baidu’s exception.

8, if you are patient, do a good job, write a letter to Baidu, wait for Baidu amnesty.