Talk about personal homepage flow, how do tens of thousands come

‘s visit to the homepage has always been one of the hottest topics on the Internet and one of the most difficult to master. If your personal website has been completed, no matter how perfect it is, not to rely on the promotion to increase the amount of visits, at best, just to see for yourself. I have accumulated some of my experience in website promotion, talk about some of the following basic methods.

The first thing

is talking about is not how to promote it, but about the positioning of your home page.

if your home just introduce some small personal data such as (of course, at the beginning of the personal homepage is), you can try to do some planning in terms of content, that is to say you can’t do the whole, more specific point to do or say a little more features. Otherwise, the home page promotion and the following text are meaningless to you. For example, you do literary content of the home page, only your own work is not enough, you may want to find something you like, and then classified, so that your home page looks more substantial and more professional. Secondly, if the light content is not enough, the key problem lies in the homepage art design, the overall framework of the structure is reasonable, is matched with the homepage content map with you, the overall color is coordinated and so on. These are your own facade, if you just meet in a big gear and want to make luxury restaurant, you should go to learn these things, you don’t have to master Photoshop, but you can choose to use some easy to use image processing software, such as ULEAD etc.. The homepage art, at least half of the component, look back at the surface of my fancy content rarely, but the art is very well, it will also be a successful home.

when your web content layout is about the same, you will have enough confidence to promote your web pages. Here are some tips and experiences about promotion.

1. registration search engine

on this method, presumably also need not say more, how to use the search engine is every Internet users must master skills, registration search engine is the most primitive and most effective website promotion method. Find some big search engines to register it, the domestic Sohu, Sina, Goyoyo, Yahoo and some other major search engines are all you have to register, Xin this everything is free, easy to fill in some forms can be done once and for all. Of course, if you have multiple mirror addresses, you may want to register each one, which will give you unexpected results.

2. active publicity

through EMAIL, chat room, BBS and some other means of publicity, if you see the chat room he went in to send several homepage information when you browse the Internet, see the message to do some publicity of this message to your home page, also can use some e-mail group software or add some big >