Old Xie talk about the fighting mentality of the stationmaster

old Xie and the vast majority of webmaster, is also grassroots webmaster. Lao Xie also know the grassroots’s hard work, but Lao Xie found many webmaster mentality is right, this is very bad for our development.

one, want to explode rich


old Xie at the age of 12 when doing web site also have, but after a year, this mentality is gone, because old found that it is difficult to make web site overnight explosion rich, this is a slow accumulation process. If you want to explode overnight, please don’t do it.

two, not interested in doing

don’t look at anything hot, just do what. Popular industry threshold is high, to spend time, energy, money is too much, not suitable for entrepreneurs, unless you take tens of millions of investment.

runs your own online business, you need to do research, you need to read a lot of things, you need to develop products, you need to go back to customer inquiries, provide after-sales support, and write a lot of articles. If the industry you choose is not what you like, what a painful thing these day-to-day operations have to do.

if you’re doing what you do every day, and you can make money, that’s the best thing about starting an online business.

three. The target market is unknown,

don’t feel one day came up with the idea of great inspiration, not to feel developed products or services will be welcome, without any verification of the target market is not true.

so you should first identify the target market research, what the target market needs, what is the problem, and your hobbies and expertise can help the target market to solve their problems and trouble? If you can, then a profitable product or service idea really born.

four. Expect too much,

may be online scam too much, perhaps online business threshold is very low, or stories too much, in short, many people think that online money making is a simple thing. Many people want to do poineering work on the Internet, the reason is that the offline business is too difficult. The implication is that online start-ups are simple and do not know where this idea comes from.

actually do business online than offline to do business, although the need to invest in capital equipment may be less rigid, but you have to spend time and energy can be a little too many, but there are also risks, nor will reach your desired level.

, like all businesses, try and stick to it.

five. The most basic technology, no, but want to do big.

includes website design, simple programming, network marketing, and providing after-sales support. A lot of people ask me how to design a website for online business. There’s no way to answer this question. I can only tell him that you have to learn it yourself.

put your mind right. You can learn better and lower your posture. You can learn more.