Share some of the tips of grassroots webmaster

has been doing this for so long. There were many stops, novels, films, and so on. It’s all half done. You bet。 I admit that I am not a qualified webmaster, at least before. But who isn’t young?. Most of us probably have. It is wrong to persist, but not to change. There may be people who disagree with me, and I don’t want to argue anything. Because everyone thinks differently. Oh, well, a bit more, talk about my game station.

I made a game station this year. It has been on the line for 2 months. Currently included in the good. Game station has an advantage, is a lot of game official website, can be free to do for you single chain. Those PR are very high, I have this station has 6 PR5 game manufacturers to point chain, so, do not worry about connecting this piece.

site to collect this, in fact, I have been hesitant in the end do not do, and finally decided not to do. Many reasons, the new site Baidu weight is not high. The risk of gathering is great. We all know that Baidu cannot do without portal station, some portals, crazy collection is also fine, even SEO cheating, Baidu on their policy is very loose, so we don’t imitate portal station some optimization methods, but do not envy others crazy collection included and bring traffic, highly targeted, original articles, or high quality pseudo original, is the only way of novice station. Don’t take chances. Before you do it, consider yourself losing.

SEO really doesn’t have anything to say. Grab a lot of information online. We see too many, may confuse the public, make the wrong judgment, I also take a lot of detours. But it didn’t make much difference. SEO of course, I’d like to share some highlights with you. The new station to avoid popular keywords, do not blindly imitate portal station do SEO (due to the second paragraph a), according to the normal routine of keywords, search engine users love, only love. Do not change the home page keywords. The normal steps, maintaining the status quo is the real SEO.

website promotion, I can tell you vividly. For example, my former novel stand. I just do the naive to think that, at every step, to do a good job. I didn’t expect half a year until more than 1000, IP. Later I found out that the main do a keyword, such as the more popular keywords, the magician of love, I put the web page title to the sorcerer love after less than 1 weeks, the site keywords ranking to third, every day I bring 10 thousand of the traffic, is what I want to say, appropriate speculation. It is good.

‘s personal consumption can not afford the war Changzhen. Fast and reasonable money, to flow, is the most important. With money, flow has, and gone up, what PR, what outside the chain, what soft Wen, what weight, it is easy to come. Do not like me every day, such as soft wen.

ha ha, OK, just say so. The post really does not have any nutrition, all is my experience, experience at first experience, Hao no reservation. Me too