The nternet business is a magnificent robe, covered in Sao son

introduction: all walks of life downturn, only the Internet highlights to attract domestic funds ready to, speculators, mine owners turned LP.

1996, general Morgan Stanley, a little-known analyst wrote a "Internet Report", it contains a large number of charts and data 300 page report it will be written by Marie · Mikel has been pushed to the pinnacle of power and money.

1998, "Barron" magazine called her the "Queen of the Internet"; 1999 "fortune" magazine called her "network prophet"; "the Wall Street journal" and her Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and Warren · · Buffett, said they are three major driving force of the market "".

in order to get Mikel to attend a meeting, Viacom did not hesitate to send a plane sent her to Bermuda, then sent back to China as soon as possible, because there is a 90 minute speech waiting for her.

now China’s Internet business circles, compared to the United States in 1999, there have been no less than. When the Internet will be able to take a website can get investment, only a site can be valued on the billions of dollars.

now, exactly the same.

a founder of entrepreneurship as the slogan, after graduation to rely on continuous business to open their own wages, using PPT to create a car, dare to take a car can not go on the road to open a press conference.

a speech for the occupation female entrepreneurs to hype themselves through a variety of media show, open the store in Sanlitun insisted on less than a year closing, the entrepreneurs are everywhere in Vanke and other traditional enterprise sermons "Internet thinking" and "thinking after 90".

90 students

a, the unknown source or origin by the media touted as get both praise and blame, Chinese iron man, with only a video in various media, entrepreneurship competition speech, actually the final stage into the contest.

and these entrepreneurs, can appear, in addition to his own limelight, and investors Everfount blood transfusion.

that year, China has only Sequoia, Jingwei, IDG, KPCB and several other investment institutions, and now in the orange IT registered investment institutions have 1785. If Wang can younger years, he may have a personal Facebook, Twitter Chinese create brilliant.

coffee shop in Beijing, the toilet pee can meet a few investors, venture capitalists from tall to become a street food.

the headless money and wandering people in Internet plus the background, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples under the slogan, to blow out a soap bubble.

some people argue that entrepreneurship is not an adventure, if it is also called the venture that it


adventure is not dead. "