The easiest way to rank your website

The purpose of

website is to make it easy for others to find you, so as to achieve the purpose of a web site. But in the hundreds of millions of web pages, a web site in the search engine ranking in a row to the third pages later went to it, what basically no effect at all, how to forward it, although I do not for a long time, talk about some of their own experiences, for your reference.

1., first of all, to locate their own web site, clear what their website provides, what kind of people to provide

2. sets the contents, directories, and file structures of your web site. A well structured website with good results in GOOGLE,

3. each file should have a title

related to the content

4., when doing a page, consider what keywords to use

5. pages can interconnect

6. uses the static page

as much as possible

7. to do more promotion, here does not mean the promotion of fees (I do the company’s website only spent 300 yuan), you can exchange links, increase the external links

8. web site should have practical content, really do intentions to do the network, can let visitors feel the website is really useful, this search engine will know your network useful. Must be the search engine technology development is people-oriented

9. don’t try to cheat the search engine by cheating, so it may not be worth the

The use of

10. to the page header label, this has the effect quite