Years of experience sharing purchased links

now we are very popular Links do a good Links of the website will play a positive role in a bad Links and even affect the future of the web site so I do stand for two years I have been very concerned about the quality of Links. Here is a summary of some people cheat friendship links, hope to share with you.

first: the most common thing is to put links in the frame,

is to use IFRAME to put your network in another page, so the result is that search engines can’t catch your website at all.

second: a little more sinister, just put your website on the frame, into a "

of his own

is a link that causes search engines to not find your site and has no effect.

third: non direct links, and the second kind of similar, commonly found in some ASP self-help links.

For example: in a chain link address is open.asp? Id=263& url= and PHP id=XXX; the chain is different, PHP Google for the reverse link, this kind of thing, or be seen as people website internal links.

fourth: extremely vicious, the framework of the page if there is a link to GG sooner or later will be found, but this link GG never found less than


it is linked with JS external files. I think everyone knows this is the syntax for the output site in JS document.write, too cruel

fifth kinds: a website’s garbage code is too much, especially the form code is very much, such friendship links also do not do

This situation can be ranked fifth

is due to its concealment above are some of the most common, other slowly to discover it, do link time to look at each other’s source file is not in trouble, lest waste feelings

sixth: I despise the most is this kind of person, do stand for so many years, also encountered a lot of, is today with you Links, put you to delete the tomorrow, the only way is to test every day.

solution: recommend a special website to detect friendship links, very good:

features: network version can be based on your user name records, you want to test the website, you can add unlimited web site. More than 10000 links can be detected at the same time without a script timeout. Now many of the links detected on the network are over 100, so the script is timed out, which is inconvenient for many people. >