Novice webmaster, you exactly how to do the station

, in fact, many webmaster, is the name of the screen came to Admin5. For example, i.

so many flowery articles, a little while is for you to do so, a while is to let you do that. What should I do? Novice webmasters ask themselves.

novice webmaster characteristics.

has always added a lot of QQ group, always a Admin5, a bit of laggards. It’s always a site, a Baidu, a Google, or a webmaster assistant at site. And then recruit friends everywhere.

, in fact, the biggest need for novice webmaster is patience, and then sedate.

borrowed a few days ago X webmaster said, honestly for the station, named empty life.

now has all the stations on the Internet, and the most important one is the ad station. In fact, the state of mind is flat, what is good. Before you make a stop, think about what you are most familiar with. You have the source and the station. In a word, the bread will be served, and the milk will be there.

, like my station,,

some people say, "Adsense is worse than migrant workers," I said,

novice webmaster, put your mind.

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