The best way to make a profit in a short time

do the purpose of the station without two points: interest, make money. Believe that the latter is the vast majority of webmaster site purpose.

is now a market economy, everyone is popular "make money", as a webmaster, you earn money in their customers at the same time, customers also earn your money, in the brains of all this is one thing each one takes what he needs, very fair.

in theory, the old station is mostly profitable, a site that can be called an old station, popularly known as a site for more than three years. The Internet is changing rapidly, the old station in the development, in order to adapt to changes in the Internet, most have made corresponding adjustments to better meet the needs of users. Relatively speaking, the old station positioning, layout, management is relatively mature. As a new station in the exploration of the station, the old station of successful experience is worth learning.

stands on the shoulders of giants. You can see further. The foundation of the new station is weak. There are many places to develop and perfect. The new station wants to develop rapidly, and it must be targeted to perfect it. Today we will talk about how to change the new station into an old station,


talking about the new station change old station four steps:

1. Investigate layout settings for similar sites.

new sites in typesetting layout and set columns, you can refer to some of the same type of excellent web site, learn from each other, go to the bad store excellent. Avoid reference not mechanically, the website should have their own style and framework, all references to their own style.

two, learn the temperament of a successful website.

the same columns and topics are popular on other websites, and when you copy them, they don’t necessarily have good popularity. This is determined by the temperament of the two websites. Each successful website has a temperament, this temperament is the soul of the site, others mention him, you will think of this site for the first time. In order to as an example, a topic full of personality, will be bursting with popularity. This is determined by the overall atmosphere of the cat. Everyone into the mop, from the cat stick in the post, members of the idea, the site oriented, I feel an atmosphere, subconsciously infected, can not help but also dance. If the cat appeared on the atmosphere with a post, even if that post is very beautiful, it does not cause much sympathy.

three, study the opponent’s shortcomings.

Internet development today, basically every industry, the field has a "portal" type of web site. If your website industry website, occupied in the industry market has a large site, how to fight the blockade to success? Without considering the overwhelming advertising money hit publicity, personal website is very difficult to have "beyond the industry portal site potential. If you want to win, you have to do it. No, I have it. He has mine, he’s fine, and I’m surprised. To find out the shortcomings of its opponents weakness, we can see the effect.

takes my Chinese personality clothing network as an example. I studied a lot of clothing forums in the early days of the website