Commonly used promotion methods of enterprise electronic business volume

e-commerce is the core of website promotion, enterprises can quickly get income, reflect the value of e-commerce, is entirely dependent on the promotion of methods and efforts. And the promotion of less than 100 kinds of methods, many enterprises in the beginning of promotion, I do not know how to start. Blogs, forums, search engines, portal ads, the face of so many promotional techniques, I do not know how to choose. The following is through their own accumulation and a net to see out of some cases summed up the experience and share on the Internet, some of you might have seen it before, for you to promote more effective, we still recommend carefully look at.

enterprise e-commerce promotion methods, according to the nature of the points can be divided into: enterprise product promotion and enterprise brand promotion.

what’s the difference between these two, in fact, promote the brand and the product is the same, the most fundamental difference is the product promotion is the purpose of the transaction, and the brand is to mix a familiar face " " these two kinds of views, but decided to go the route of the day the poor don’t.

We first look at the promotion of

products, product promotion is to sell products, the main strategy is to use some of the most simple and direct method of selling products, marketing skills need not be very high, the results are mainly

the following methods

1: search engine strategy, now most of the customers relative to the input site, more likely through search engines to find information and products. Therefore, most enterprises through the selection of PPC and keyword optimization to enhance their website traffic, thereby promoting sales growth.

however, due to the existence of click fraud and other issues, click pay mode has been increasingly questioned in recent years. According to foreign surveys, about 35% of advertising costs are generated by fraudulent clicks in search engine advertising by pay per click. On the other hand, the popularity of competitive ranking determines its intensity in competition. Businessmen must continue to invest in order to have effect, once no additional investment, no one pays attention. In addition, the market situation that exceeds supply also makes advertisement click price go up. In view of the above reasons, now the key words optimization is another important way that enterprises should pay attention to.

2: advertising, online advertising and offline advertising, Internet advertising, advertising in some related sites, a pay per click, also have bags of time, there is a certain cost to click, and then divided into a


this method is currently used mainly in the industry website, for now, the effect is still ok. The need to remind you is whether you vote how much Internet advertising, but inseparable from the line advertising, advertising the line: such as the media, magazines, events, and other activities. The promotion methods, such collocation can play a multiplier effect.

above two is the most effective two methods of enterprise product promotion. As for blogs, forums, embedded ads >