How does a forum attract more spending

first, not my careless typing error, but the real allowance allowance, stay! Main forum! Only into the forum people here, traffic to go! Otherwise, it can only rely on your own hands that everyone will use the


well, don’t talk much, get to the topic,

1, first of all, do the forum must have positioning, such as you can develop a software like what, what pet Q ah, small space Secretary ah, these software, according to my observation, the station allowance is very high! If you can’t develop what software, then you must be your forum is a good bit, positioning is a very important, but also an indispensable forum theme! "Positioning" and trust in your webmaster greatly small should be considered! (here AD my station, station I can say that this is a very, very LJ station is the most basic failure!!)

2, the theme of the forum set, then you have to focus on this theme, "deep", "fine", "penetration", development! Why is the "deep" and "fine" and "deep penetration", is deep, fine – is unique, if you can do it in the theme of the forum. No one station do you so fine, so even if you stand no allowance, you this station is also a success! – that is, to completely penetrate! No matter what time, what time, what place, as long as it is about what you this topic, you have to he put on the finishing, re optimization of your forum

3, if you put the above two well, believe that the allowance would not be a problem! Then, that is the forum online and offline activities, for example, can hold some post game or what ah, like Ali mother in the stock game, chess game ah what graph king here and the first event! Activities must be run successfully! As offline activities, it must be with you the theme of the forum hook, can not say that I do a webmaster Trading Forum, online activities, but to a fellow party activities


4, the forum management, it, I was a novice, do not know what, if it is early, management can be a little loose, but when the forum allowance, popularity, awareness of what are the words that have a number of duties due diligence must be. The main version of what ah, to help you manage, if the economy is still possible, consider cash wages

!The end of

, has been watching too much soft, still have this feeling, my little friends have not graduated from high school yet forum was two months so that some experience actually is not what a good article is LJ article!! but I believe it can bring some ideas to the side of your