At present, the most effective 3 kinds of anti collection methods

at present, there is no way to completely prevent the data from being collected without any side effects. The following 3 methods can prevent acquisition in a certain extent, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Build multiple templates and randomly call


this method is more practical and can greatly increase the difficulty of collection. However, the collector insisted on collecting, nor is there no way. It just takes a lot of time to sort out the rules.


this method is a little difficult to implement. 1., you need to make multiple templates, 2. need to modify the program to call the template randomly.

two, the establishment of the collection IP library


this method is relatively simple, but also more practical.


this method is to remedy the situation, the need to gather the IP address acquisition. This approach also has one drawback: the dynamic IP collector is almost ineffective. Many of the collectors are using the collection software such as locomotives to collect the data and then import them into the database. Most of the collectors are dynamic IP, or they can be collected in Internet cafes. Although this method is very passive, it can be regarded as an anti collection method.

three, the use of fish, Sheep anti acquisition control



controls the use of relatively simple, more practical, and free, just add a few lines of code in the original web page code in the web page source code can be carried out to prevent the acquisition and processing, to a large extent on the acquisition of the interference mechanism.


requires a registration control, but it is not available if it is virtual space.

knows a few friends who do novel stands, their novel stations are often collected by WAP sites, and most of the time, the servers are paralyzed. For collectors, there is no active, effective way to solve the problem by IP.

site acquisition has a long way to go, welcome to exchange anti collection experience, brother QQ87288583