Let the user’s inspiration lead the development of Web site navigation station

because of the simple production of the navigation station, it is easy to imitate, so this kind of website is more and more, but even so, but the quantity growth has not promoted the quality promotion. On the contrary, many navigation stations become more and more chaotic, and do very badly on the user experience, which is difficult to be accepted by everyone.

here, I’d like to put forward a key word: inspiration. Webmaster inspiration, user inspiration, to a website construction, operation, and even promotion is very important, inspiration for web navigation site is more important value and significance. Site navigation is not simply a collection of websites, it should give visitors inspiration. Because the web site navigation site is not necessarily, you can say that you can not fully understand the resources of the Internet so that users can see, so at least, site navigation class website should first give users inspiration. The so-called inspiration is to understand your website navigation, and to find ways to address web resources or techniques to communicate to the user. Only in this way can the website have the opportunity to develop in order to achieve a better user experience.

inspiration is for the webmaster to think. Inspiration lies in the true view of things, the unique understanding of things, lies in the prediction of the future of things. Without experience, inspiration is nothing. Inspiration is useless if you do not think it hard. If you don’t look for it, inspiration won’t come. Inspiration is not something that can be deliberately created, but it does not mean that inspiration can not be created. Inspiration is a kind of association of people. It is something that people understand deeply and boldly discover. To understand, to understand things thoroughly, to analyze the truth, to clarify the role, can be a little inspiration.

, for example, is the site of Logo terminal station long guide to "footprints" as the theme of pattern, this footprint means "expect every webmaster to leave footprints here, this is of course from the development of the operation of the site; on the other hand, the" footprint "meaning the website can one step at a time. Go down. Visitors on the web may not be able to understand the implications. So, can grasp the user’s understanding of it, can use this kind of understanding, express webmaster understanding of Web site navigation, is the success of the user to convey the inspiration of the first key.

in fact, as a webmaster, there is no need to pursue the source of inspiration. Inspiration is the source of countless inspiration waiting for the webmaster to find and obtain. If you can continue to work hard, you can also get inspiration. Site navigation website can bring inspiration to users, users can get a lot of fun, the site can also get a lot of recognition, which is an excellent embodiment of the user experience. Put all the URLs on the site, and you become Baidu or Google. Sometimes, a webmaster has to treat himself as an ordinary visitor, change his own website from a point of view to get more inspiration.

finally AD, still standing site long guide terminal – webmaster will go to the website, expect every webmaster here to leave footprints. Www>