How to build an unusual SEO blog

with the rise of the SEO industry in recent years, many new friends have been pouring into the industry. Of course, many friends who are exposed to SEO or are engaged in SEO like to make a SEO blog of their own, which is used to record their SEO life and share some SEO experiences.


some time ago Hongshou in SEO around the time of the forum, there are a lot of friends react now SEO articles are not what value! Because a lot of entering the industry friends are all new, what is possible to write some very valuable things? This writing will have certain experience in the industry, otherwise it is to write a pen to let readers love the SEO article. Even if the content on SEO blog has gradually lost its original value, now, no matter which area +SEO is searched, there are many SEO blog websites. If you have to know all the contents of these blogs should be clear, in the end how? Since so many SEO blog, that as we engaged in SEO, and how to build a out of the ordinary SEO blog.

1, blog style is different,

some blogs have been able to remember once, because the first feeling of blogging is comfortable. Here, I would like to mention is that we combat training SEO Han Wei, he is through his blog theme to promote his SEO blog. In fact, a practice which is his own blog promotion, because the design of a nice theme takes a long time, often love theme of his friend, now with some, they can make their contribution to a part of the chain blog.

of course, this approach often requires a certain design skills and a certain program base, otherwise it is difficult to marketing their blog in this way.

2, blog writing style is different,

the writing style mentioned here, of course, is our own usual writing articles of some personality. If we used the time to focus on a person to write the article, in the course of time we see in other parts of an article he wrote in the blog may not, are likely to know who wrote, this is one of the author’s writing style.

For example:

industry blog writing good authors: Lu Songsong, Xiao Han, Xiao Jun and so on, here I took Xiao Han’s style of writing to say! Because I see most is his article, Xiaohan write a blog is a pure technology sharing, simple and easy to understand, basically does not intentionally what is how exaggerated. If there is a sudden in his blog to send an advertisement is very strong, very strong marketing purposes this article now, a look can know not Xiao Han, I wrote, this is his style of writing has been understood by some of his readers.

Tao Tao also talks about his blog style