Community webmaster, why is your forum not fire

from the first house, to the network to become fashionable for a time, now Didcuz! And PHPwind, program, through the CGI to ASP to PHP evolution, however, is the same, the vast majority of owners to enjoy the free meals: some Internet. And the installation, the use of very simple, do not understand a program, just a few days will be mastered.

but do you do forums? Maybe you’ve done forums for several years, and all forum versions have been used. But why hasn’t the popularity been up? Or has it been a fire? Why is it deserted now?


I’ve been thinking about it. I’m the forum administrator who has gone through the above. From the first house, to network, and then to DZ, what others use, I also follow what. What other people on the plate, I also on what section?. Others say, engage in activities, gathering popularity, I also engaged in activities. People say they want to invest, and I invest too. Yes, four years, I light back and forth to do activities, has invested tens of thousands of dollars. For a while, the forum was a fire, and even CCTV reported it. But now my forum is very deserted.

not only because I’m busy doing something else, but also because I left it cold. The main thing is that it’s too boring. At the end of the day, there’s nothing fascinating. When the threshold of the forum construction was low enough to build a forum by any one person, I found that the local had developed from the first four or five forums to hundreds of forums now. I have a section, people also have. And the station is new, so more enthusiastic people are more passionate, more active.

from the user’s point of view, has experienced several years of development, already to participate in wine and dine like party unless bored, creative activities, or for their beneficial activities, take part in.

I always have a point of view: the people in the forum do not rely on pulling, but by attracting. The forum is like a magnet, not to pull, will be able to attract people. So, my forum by what to attract others? I cultivate customer loyalty in which? Further, I can provide what services for users, will make them feel I cannot do without this forum? Obviously, this forum needs re positioning, to provide users with registered service, provide accurate as to service, in many talent shows itself in the forum, and achieve great development.

of course, specifically to provide users with what precise service, you do not ask me, I think about it.