Learn from the Yantai forum and constantly build features in your website

In 2009 May

fourth and annual meeting, to elect the 20 most influential local interactive website, these websites may not very well known in the country, but in places, it is one of the best local network platform, whether it is the user registration number or posting number, or advertising, has great advantages, such as Yantai forum.

Since the founding of

http://s.ytbbs.com/ forum in Yantai, the number of users has reached more than 450 thousand, the average daily posting amount of more than 60 thousand, members are very active, and also willing to publish information here, share stories.

each local forum is naturally the hub of local news and information. Every local forum can quickly learn about local hot news. If a local forum can not be a platform for discussion of local hot spots, then the forum is not a successful forum. The local forum is a platform for understanding the latest information in the local area, and the Yantai forum is no exception. Here, you can learn the local information, the latest information of the local people’s livelihood, heard on the street, where you can understand the public’s attention to hot spots.

in addition to the characteristics of the successful forum, the Yantai forum is still developing, and constantly form its own characteristics. Of course, each forum is a combination of universality and particularity. Only when we have our own characteristics will we have the vitality of long-term development.

1 owners Garden – purchase Mission to meet user needs

Yantai forum has a notable feature, that is, a lot of real estate advertising, I do not know whether Yantai Internet users to buy a house relatively large demand. Home buyers as a large number of each family, pointed out that the user is considered and considered, very careful. Forum launched the purchase group, very consistent with the needs of users. Purchase groups for the purchase of user demand, organized and step-by-step guidance, and through the real estate business communication and cooperation, organize users together showings, purchase. Group quality is relatively guaranteed, the price is also more favorable. Users can purchase from the website can get preferential and convenient; the publicity and promotion, improve visibility; real estate developers sell the house, sales increased threefold.

forum organized the purchase group is an effective combination of online and offline, not only to strengthen the promotion, but also really benefit users of the site. Other local forums, if there are conditions, might as well try this offline promotion.

2 white-collar paradise – Yantai dating network

some local forums began to graft on SNS sites, such as the Yantai dating network in Yantai forum. Users share information and make friends here, and these friends are likely to be citizens or neighbors you have brushed past. With the development of local forums and social networking sites, more and more local forums have started to join social networking sites. For the time being, this grafting does bring traffic, but how the future will grow remains to be tested by time.

SNS site grafting should take into account the current level of development of the forum and, at the appropriate time, add >