How to evaluate and evaluate hospital websites

After the

hospital website was put into use, it entered the tedious and complex operation phase. After a period of time, the hospital website will be evaluated to check whether the hospital site is stable, safe, and whether the hospital network marketing can effectively attract customers. The premise of the evaluation is to establish an evaluation index system that can fully reflect the operation of the evaluation object. The system mainly includes technical evaluation and social evaluation. Usually, there will be a test run phase before the hospital site is officially put into use. At this stage, the emphasis is on technical evaluation. Evaluate whether the hospital website system can work well, including the hospital website, SEO search engine optimization. The technical evaluation index of hospital website mainly includes the following four evaluation indexes:

Design evaluation of

1 and hospital website. Trying to make website information rich and attractive, often updated, and can provide customers with a variety of services, is the medical website to attract users magic weapon. Therefore, the design of the website is very important. The evaluation of website design includes the following aspects: (1) the website contains the breadth and depth of content should have (here comes to UE and other issues, so the website structure breadth and depth to control their own good); (2) customer information should be fully, convenient and timely (your hospital articles on the site are too system, a user to understand a procedure need to repeatedly find articles?); (3) structure should be reasonable and clear, focused and reasonable (remember, you are not Taobao you do not so much a classification); (4) "the visual image should be creative and conform to the hospital customers aesthetic.

2, website operability evaluation. The simple and fast web site is one of the keys to attracting and retaining users. In particular, the first login visitors are often impatient, and if they feel that the site is not running smoothly or too long, it will lose interest in continuing to browse and log in again. The evaluation of the operation of the website has the following aspects:

(1) can quickly enter the website (page open time, the best control in about 3 seconds); (2) the website operation is simple (to the user as a fool); (3) whether the site can provide timely and effective services to customers (business is online, whether the site has the hospital telephone number clearly marked etc.).

3, technology application evaluation. The hospital website design process involves many technical problems. The success of the new technology is related to whether the website can operate efficiently and at a low cost. Evaluation and analysis are as follows: (1) whether the web page design using new technology to enhance the attraction and provide more services (such as FLASH animation, video, web effects etc.); (2) the database interaction design is reasonable, the retrieval point set is in accordance with the requirements of data retrieval, segmentation and combination is just perfect.

4, hospital website security evaluation. Defend against hacker attacks and ensure the safe operation of websites