Kidnap Baidu, let him collect website fully

Baidu, I think most of the SEO may be true to Baidu. Because GG and YAHOO are such rules, especially black SEO, in a week to get tens of thousands of IP, for them is not difficult. Webmasters are now hard to do their own station, then a few days after, submitted to Baidu, the next job is to add to the article, the most important, most webmaster to do is SITE every day in Baidu in their own website, waiting for Baidu included, if included, happy. But now included a new station is difficult, first you included the home page, usually have to wait until the 5-40 day, Baidu to you most of the articles included, such a long wait, how can the webmaster get past? This problem also makes me depressed for a long time, the station also is such I am also very worried, so many times, the last 5-40 days before Baidu from page to page 700 of the breakthrough included, the long wait for me is also very brain injury several times.

can’t wait us to force or stimulation of Baidu’s comprehensive collection of whether you page number, as long as the amount included more than 50% are impressive and normal. How to stimulate Baidu? This way I think a lot of times, but still can not think of a way to, now I will tell you in a I have no intention to see the online method to it, I do not mind, we use their own discretion.

This is the

in Baidu spider nose do, say some really incredible. But you should try to " "! You included the number of growth in Baidu! If you stand on your server " 3389":1- (remote control permissions) then please around 8 a.m. a 2- will restart the system log empty 3- rebundling once IIS4-IIS use all domain name tag directory on this bound, rather than just PIAOGE/1/SADFDS you know what 5- the site distribution in the hard disk directory is divided again, with 3 rebundling a test – Baidu included increasing the success of joy if you please only FTP and domain name management authority: IDC service provider so please take the following necessary measures to active 1- where to buy a cheap 2- virtual host program The relocation of 3- domain re analysis and requirements of service providers and reasonable 4- will establish a manual binding site and submit site map in Baidu landing entrance, or the side told 5- a new domain name into user management area suspended one hour after opening Chinese analysis, domain name business users refresh analysis, first web domain users is refreshed, the era of the Internet domain users also refresh avoid the above operation in addition to the other domain outside the operating time needs 2 hours to complete, please do all ready. If you do not have the above or do not want to engage in the original station itself, you need to approach a lot, requires a separate analysis and diagnosis to solve.