Depth analysis of Baidu C2C platform

Baidu online trading platform from 25 beta this month to now, feeling a lot, finishing a few suggestions:

1, the overall feeling, very much like Taobao shop. Taobao shop is 1 yuan a day to buy, and Baidu do not use. This function estimate will attract some people,

2, shop name can not be modified, can only be XXX (Baidu ID) store. I can’t think of that. Why? For everyone, the name of the shop name is very useful, an identification of

3, the release of goods, the Taobao release of goods "applicable stage, height" in the wrong order has inherited. This point of view, at this stage, Baidu is still based on the Taobao system.

4, released the goods, not build freight template, every time to fill in the mail, courier, EMS City, the cost of a one word….

5, when you launch a product, you can set up a maximum of 4 pictures of goods for a single product photo album. But look at the big picture, or use Taobao shop pop-up new window view way, it is better to use ECMall magnifier + small picture switching function, the user can not change the page in the case, see the details of the effect

6, the commodity page does not show the message, the user comments place – or because no one has left messages and comments, but also have to give everyone a message to write the entrance? Otherwise, how to consult


7, the goods can not be tagged (keywords), the commodity page of SEO is only title, no keywords, description. It’s not like a product made by a search engine company,

8, promotional merchandise, select "sales promotion" when the release of goods, but does not appear in this module, but to specify a store classification, the classification of goods will automatically appear in here…… Eh…… This operation train of thought…… Really special. And this module should not only choose to display large pictures, show a few simple, there should be some editing functions, such as rename, write advertising words and so on

9, store files and search commodity two modules tied together, should not. Search commodity functionality on the right side is more popular than on the left, and works better,

10, the collection function of goods, placed on the top left, it is better to put it under the title or buy button next to

11, shop description, word restriction is only 100 words, should be increased. The published goods can not be selected in the two sub categories under the same one level classification. This function is very useful for clothing class, such as the same clothing, may belong to height 1.1, height 1.2, height 1.3 and other shop classification, easy to quickly recommend

to customers

12, when the release of goods, limiting the number of customer purchases, default to 5. I don’t know why there is such a function……

The combination of

13 and Baidu HI is not enough