What is stopping entrepreneurs from going to success

entrepreneurship is always only a few brave game. Most of the people in the world are outsiders. Their understanding of entrepreneurs is limited to the most superficial level. So, everyone knows Ma and his eighteen Arhats managed to create the largest e-commerce giant story. All of Shi Yuzhu’s richest man from Chinese change led grow again for a giant strong negative experience. However, they can understand, that’s all. Even these so-called celebrity experiences but also Chuangqi are lying in bed in the story of obscenity out after a desire for success in oral, had lost its original appearance.


did not personally experience the entrepreneurial process, never know the ecology of entrepreneurs. The peripheral people talk about business, talk about success, holding the textbook closely reasoned and well argued, to the knowledge, and give them the success of the bible. Even with this " the Bible " they are not afraid to take a step in all their fears. So, when the story of Ma Yun throughout the high streets and back lanes they knew, but did not dare to take any drastic talk a lot of nonsense, substantive action. So Ma said: " if I can succeed, 80% of people can be successful " this sentence is not established. Because more than 80% of people do not have the courage to go.

as a pioneer in the struggle of the road, Zhu Haitao was not too qualified to write such an article. The business left me a scar, and I didn’t have to wait until the scar healed. From this point of view, at least I have more courage than most people. The two entrepreneurial experience, let me see what ordinary people can not penetrate. For example, the psychology of entrepreneurs, courage, entrepreneurs have to face the difficulties, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, what kind of factors are likely to lead to the bankruptcy of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial groups, the survival of the status quo and future prospects. I still can’t control every detail of the road, but now I have a business compass.

in 2013, I decided to quit the work of IT, a person alone from Shanghai to a small town in Nanchang. I will be three years of savings and blood together with the past, after more than a year, these two things are ashes to ashes. I don’t want to exaggerate this experience, although the experience of failure is painful, but he brought me far more than what I lost. From then on, I formally by a simple unworldly man into a IT insight into the entrepreneurial struggle in law.

2015, the second venture. Strictly speaking, this is the real business. This is like, for the first time because of the people who did not have any experience in swimming plunge into the water, then he must not be called swimming, but struggling. This time, I have learned to swim, even if this new water simmering crisis, at least I have to challenge as a seaman.

all that is said above