A good soft Wen, meaning extraordinary

many personal webmaster in no funds, no more resources available, keep writing soft text, soft hair, filling the post, write comments, in this way to promote your website. There are two purposes: one is to write text, comments by direct users bring up their own web site; two is expected to put its own search engine marketing and comments included, through the search engine to bring traffic to their website. Although this method is difficult, but very effective, is the success of the station’s usual nirvana.

whether it is business or personal, no money to promote the network, soft to you right now, if you have money, but also not to soft good, sometimes a contemptuous disregard, will let you receive unexpected results, and hard advertising, spend a lot of money, the effect is not ideal. This article is not let you completely deny hard advertising, hard advertising has hard advertising appeal, I just hope that through this article can convince you pay attention to soft Wen, release quality soft text, improve the network promotion cost performance.

some people will say, now write soft behind, no use, but in fact not. No use is not the quality of the soft, out like garbage, the user does not want to see, the search engine will not included, this text how useful? If the author is a soft expert, or soft science, reasonable content of quality is very high, this kind of soft Wen value to the users, users love read, search engine are included, this will be useful for the promotion of soft paper.

I can cite an example of recent interest in the circle, and it is also a very successful example. It’s about an American fitness product retail website, Bodybuilding.com, which employs 400 writers and writes 16000 soft texts, creating 160 thousand independent visitors a day, with annual sales of $5 million. The success of this site from the soft text promotion, through soft Wen bring traffic, and into actual consumption. It should be noted that the 400 writers are experts in their respective fields. These 16000 articles are about nutrition, health, fitness and weight. These articles play a convincing role. I think, such a professional soft text by constantly copy, reprint, promotion role, constantly released, but also for the site to bring sustained traffic and income.

soft text than hard advertising more cost-effective

just said, hard advertising has hard advertising demands, coverage is not necessarily accurate, but the effect is more direct. Soft advertising is more flexible, there is sufficient space to persuade, the effect is often very moving. Here’s why soft Wen than hard advertising more cost-effective


one, soft text is not generally limited by time, and hard advertising has timeliness; or can be said to be flexible, long life, hard advertising, short life. Soft Wen released after, through multiple hair, reprinted, generally will exist on the web site, or by search engine included, after a long time will be seen by the user, "sustainable development."". And hard advertising