Changes in the nternet from the NetEase look at the nternet for 15 years


The changes in the home page of the

website are not only a facade for an Internet company, but also a reflection of the changes in the Internet for a "long history" website. NetEase is one of them. This paper will review the changes of China’s Internet in the past 15 years from the changes in the first page of NetEase’s home page in the past 15 years.

1998 – NetEase brings you to the Chinese web world


1998 NetEase homepage, the title of the web site is "NetEase takes you to surf the Chinese Internet world"". for the domain name of the NetEase launched a free e-mail service in 1998, "163" was the most common dial-up number, then Chinese website pitiful, a web navigation can cover almost all of the website Chinese. You’re right. That’s what NetEase was like 14 years ago.

1999 – WelcometoNetease,



, 1999 NetEase homepage, titled "WelcometoNetease!"

this year as long as the "individual homepage", "email", "virtual community" has become synonymous with the NetEase, the NetEase of personal space service just launched soon, people berserk registered Huobao, is also the personal space service of the NetEase, the achievements of today Chinese Internet how many heroes of the webmaster, China Internet entrepreneurs passion is not a small contribution to promote.

this year, NetEase began to shift from software companies to "Portals", and began to imitate Yahoo, and began to write a lot of words.

2000 – what is "virtual community"



, 2000 NetEase homepage, titled "WelcometoNetease!"

on January 18, 2000, at 10:45 PM, NetEase Beijing community 576, Guangzhou 614, Shanghai 64, NetEase chat room 2403. Ding Lei proudly said: "NetEase virtual communities absolutely first, and not false, some companies a person for an hour, will not remove him, we will remove him in 3 minutes.". The NetEase puts forward the concept of virtual community, how many Chinese websites follow us, and uses "virtual community" these four words, I told them, this is called ‘virtual community’."

this year’s NetEase has listed on Nasdaq, has gradually formed a prototype of the portal, and later followed Sina and Sohu launched the portal service.

2001 – Welcom>