Novice webmaster must see how to let Baidu update my station

my station, September 25th server upload, today there are just three days a month, because during the eleven home can not access, so there are six days without maintenance, count more than 20 days, Google on my station in less than a week by Baidu, with about two weeks included, during which Google from now included in the ten days time updated three times, and from Baidu included today is the first time update. I’ve finally seen Baidu update! I’ve updated my website every day these days. In behind the Admin5 and follow the prawns and learn a lot of knowledge, the day used, what Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, create a blog, Links, write text, QQ group publicity, no less frustrating, really understand a do the hard work and happy. Ah, but the harvest is not very good, toss a circle every day less than one hundred IP, the members did not provoke a few! Not white but toss this month, black eye, weight up, almost one hundred and sixty ah (old sedentary ah)!!! Oh, a joke, really the harvest is the day the prawns promotion theory with a practical, your experience into my own experience! Thanks to the selfless dedication of the predecessors here!


below to share my experience:

I’m new, so don’t shoot me,


1, Baidu Post Bar first talk about this, because I was the first in the Post Bar propaganda, not a few stickers I gave letter, sent again to my domain name post is not so made, depressed, change the account too! So everyone in the Post Bar in the post must not be anxious, slowly one day, a one or two on the line, not in a bar, find a few more days, you can send a stop of the day, this is the most stable


2, blog, blog built several, did not bring a flow, NetEase, Baidu, Sina, have built a blog, but also changed some of my writing, but no one to see. I don’t know what to do.

3, QQ group added a lot, an advertisement was kicked. A method of mixed prawns taught QQ group, but I feel too much trouble, but the traffic is not stable QQ and QQ group propaganda so I think QQ is a bad.

4, Baidu know is good, as long as you answer the question in good faith, even with a connection is okay, or bring some traffic.

5, soft Wen said that the effect is good, but the level is not good, not very easy to write, ha ha, for so long, did not write a decent soft Wen!


6, event marketing is a good idea, but inexperienced, got two, did not succeed. Two things happened recently, 1, six policemen in Harbin killed college students, and 2 and Guangyuan oranges found small maggot like diseases and insect pests on the white beard after being put on the skin. The second thing, I first time to know, immediately published an article on the web site, and then to all of my QQ group and friends sent again, >