The difference between good and bad is a step forward

, Matt, Cutts, and Eric Enge went on to talk about the tool bait.

tool bait, widget bait, refers to writing a small program, like many blog sidebar, put on a very interesting small application tools, attract others on the blog, by the way, put a link inside.

(another day to detail a SEO using tool bait from success to over punishment.


Matt Cutts also mentioned gadget bait at the SMX conference. In Google’s eyes, the initial tool bait was the web counter garbage. Webmaster registration of a web counter service, on your own web page. What the webmaster doesn’t know is that counter code is likely to contain hidden links such as using NoScript, JavaScript, or clickable picture links. These links may point to websites where drugs are sold, loans sold, and so on.


tool bait is good or bad, some questions to consider include the link is hidden? Whether can click on the link? Whether hidden in NoScript like code? The user is not a good thing.

How high is the

tool dependency? A good example of a high correlation tool is a Ubuntu widget that shows how many days the Ubuntu (an Linux based operating system) is left from the official release date. Is a simple countdown timer that links to People who put this tool on the website know exactly what they are doing and fully agree with the topic.

Eric Enge asked, then in a deep step, if the links are not hidden, but has nothing to do with the subject, how to do? Matt Cutts and there is no clear answer, but said the bait and other common tools like Google linkbait, is required to put the link must know the link code, know the link to what place, so the link is voting with editing significance. If someone is cheated and put on a link tool, and he doesn’t even know there’s a link to a spam site, that’s not what Google wants.

can also judge quality by linking goals, links to sites that develop gadgets, or links to a completely unrelated third party site, which is related to whether it’s related to the topic. Since links to third parties might well mean that this is a sale or payment link. Links to third parties are easy to detect.

link text is also a factor. If the link text is only the name of the site, this is not the same as the link to the stack keyword. Also, how many links are included in the gadget?. If there’s a bunch of links, that’s too much.

is also a very important point is that on this tool is that the coolie.