The nnovation workshop and the real graffiti community gathered 100 thousand big touch displays of

painted hand is a minimalist graffiti creation platform. Although everyone can draw two simple, but the platform is still gathered a lot of strong creative ability of the cattle. Around the works of these people, Tu hand is carrying out a series of images and derivatives development.


Su Su, founder of

, formerly known as Su Pengcheng, is a graduate of the Architecture Department of South China University of Technology. He grew up painting, graduated from the Department of architecture is still too far away from the general public, so the formation of a young 90 team, created the painted hand.

at this time last year, a "one hundred thousand meow Star project" caused a sensation in the 798 Art District of Beijing. There were 300 thousand cat graffiti on show, and that’s what Su shell and his team did. Not long after, Tu hand App on line, the team also won the angel from the Innovation workshop and real fund investment.

doodle for playback

shell on the start-up state (WeChat search: ichuangyebang) said, painted hands of the work is not just narrow graffiti, more accurately, is a right hemisphere creative way. But the work of these brain holes only follows several very simple product logics.

wants to paint on the painted hand, using only black and white, and only three strokes of paper, and an eraser. The most unusual is that after the completion of the creation, not only show the works, but also dynamic display of the entire creative process.

can play "doodle"

Why are

graffiti creation conditions so harsh, but added the creation of cool technology playback? Shell gives four reasons:

, first of all, to make the tools easier to use.

doesn’t need much thinking, no choice of colors, no fancy strokes, just like drawing a branch on the ground.

secondly, the platform atmosphere and visual effects are more unified.

even the content of different users, unified black and white tones can guarantee the same visual effects.

furthermore, standardized storage methods are provided.

coated hand is stored in vector data. Record only points and lines, and actions. Output and storage are more convenient and efficient.

finally produced playback capabilities based on vector storage.


interestingly, because the action of the eraser can also be recorded and played back, the user also created graffiti like "animation tutorial".

shells have to sigh everyone’s mysterious brain holes.

graffiti master is a potential wealth