Some views about recent events BLOCKOUTS

recently BLOCKOUTS events more and more serious, today also received IDC to send [Internet security commitment and rectification report] asked to write on the server username and password! I feel very strange, in fact, the IDC service and reputation is very good, because the network is to rectify the recent and make them flustered, of course, the national requirements to do so, our individual owners will affect the country call, we will get rid of some illegal websites, but requires a user name and password was defective, because the server may be long years of effort, some of the data source, some as long as a copy operation you can put all content on the site if copied out who is responsible for this? Where are our privacy? Imagine a bank account in order to get you home There’s a key and password to me, will you


countries are frequent practice too uncomfortable, do a lot of regular station server will be implicated to the law of the state policy, in fact, yes, something pornography should manage, but also processing processing methods, like someone to do illegal things you can catch, but people don’t do illegal things you should not catch it, and is now living in the same district who you are caught, it too! Now is not out of a report some related measures of some illegal websites it? As long as the report, open web content is not confirmed legally, you find IDC. He stood, and then press the record information does not have his own investigation, it is necessary to the whole network are sealed, I do not know how to think, three years old children understand the truth of what ah, the interests of the people is greater than all which Yes,