Talking about the method of improving the trust degree of enterprise website

believes everyone knows that site trust is important to an enterprise site. If an enterprise even the most basic integrity can not do, then this enterprise must be hard to do bigger and stronger. To cultivate the trust of users, generally includes two aspects: on the one hand, the browser for the site of the degree of trust; on the other hand, refers to the search engine for the trust value of the site.

below, mainly for the user experience, share some of my views, assuming that I am a user, I hope to see the following content.

1. on our page: detailed, true description of the company’s background, history, business scope and so on.

2. website record: obtain ICP filing permission.

3. service process: let customers fully understand the whole process, make the service more transparent.

4. quote list: according to different services, respectively, given the scope of the offer.

5. customer case: customers are more willing to accept third party evaluation.

6. contact: detailed, complete, multi way contact, and provide location map instructions.

7. page number: full page number, enterprise site at least 50 pages above.

8. original content: customers do not like the spread of the argument.

9. copyright information: write copyright information correctly. Declare that the content of this station is protected by law, refused to reprint, etc..

10. privacy protection: statement of customer information, user information privacy protection.

11. no typos: customers will want to see a mistake, "are not proofreading, quality of service is suspended."

12. partners: partner links and partner station reporting.

13. professional nouns: appropriate use of professional terms, but do not affect the user to read, and give a simple explanation.

14. Enterprise News: lists all kinds of reports given by third parties.

15. link check: there is no invalid link for the entire site.

16. ad appropriate: don’t put irrelevant ads.

17. links: only with customers, government and industry well-known websites link.

18. free advice: provide 400 or 800 free telephone advice, or at least an online consultation or guestbook.

19. access speed: don’t let users and search engines feel the site is slow.

20. page color: it is recommended to use the color in company LOGO.

21. business certificate: to provide the company’s business license, industry license, relevant inspection certificate, corporate photos.