Why should we pay attention to user experience in website user experience

The reason

said here is "on" because the user experience is a complex concept, I is shallow dare not do so with comments on. In the last article I mentioned some novice station to do, of which third is pay attention to user experience, so what is the user experience, the importance of it in what place today we detailed talk about why should pay more attention to the user experience.

what is the user experience? For example: you can put your website as an individual in the society, when others contact with this person, he (she) will give others leave an impression, others to this person will be a self evaluation, then people of this person the evaluation is what we call the "user experience", if others behoove assessment of this person is higher then give him opportunities to deal with will be more, and certainly not to give him a deal after. As the truth of your web site user experience better, the higher the probability of the user visits your site, the more viscous, more likely to become an evergreen tree, in the fierce competition in an invincible position! So spread in our circle of "such as man" is such a reason.

it can be seen that the decision of a website "destiny" is the user experience, so it is actually the essence of SEO, put the user experience first! Some people say that in front of a lot of garbage is standing in the search results and how I often see? I can tell you this is just a coincidence, not letter you can track it, as this station is in front of the "little smart", it certainly can’t stay for a long time will fall away and even no tidings! No matter what time evaluation of the search on the website of the engine will take this as the standard. Since the user experience is so important, then how do we do a good user experience? The most basic, we should do the following:

1, original content. Do not let users look at, it is repeated several times online information, to let users feel that your article is fresh, unique, with their own views and personality, which is originality. This requires the user to go to the creation of each article, not only for the pursuit of the "original" and do things carelessly. Some people in order to actually adopt the methods of original direct use of translation tools of foreign articles, so although you cheated the engine spiders, but you can cheat over visit users? Imagine others to see your article is mere trash it would sell your account,


2, website build user comments. This is a great way to improve the user experience. It allows for convenient communication between our users and increase user trust in the site, when the user is reading your article if what questions or what will need to direct the message, it allows users to feel very convenient and satisfied, can greatly promote the products of the turnover rate.

page 3, not too fancy. Some people like to make pages very complicated, pictures, animation, full page fly, feel like this can show themselves high