Don’t let me get lost. (Part one)

have you ever encountered such a situation, when the promotion strategy and LPO we tried to use a variety of attractive flow (Landing Optimization – Page landing page optimization), and the number of visitors to the website of the bounce rate has reached the anticipated goal, but in a surprise turn number is not what. Visitors search the web for random information in search of what they want, perhaps because they don’t search for what they want, or because a wrong page has left the site. This article aims at "preventing visitors from leaving the website in the process of browsing", and introduces how we should analyze and optimize it.

[station navigation] 4 main points of analysis and optimization

and the next article, which is due to be released next week, will discuss how to find and optimize the bottleneck [in station navigation]. There are 4 main points in this article. This chapter mainly discusses the first two points:

which pages prompted the user to exit the site

two, whether users in the site "lost" situation,

three, which pages related to the transformation of the site

four should not focus solely on successful navigation lines, but should also focus on failed lines,

[] – when the station became the bottleneck of navigation complete transformation:


which pages prompted the user to exit the site

, by analyzing the data provided by web analytics tools, we can easily find pages that tend to cause users to quit the site. Then we take the appropriate measures to optimize these pages, users will browse more pages, the number of conversion will rise. To find these problem pages, we need to determine the number of exits in the top 10 pages and the number of exits in the top 10 of the page. First of all, the most important thing is to find pages with high exit rates. After finding these pages, we need to confirm their location in the site. Let’s just split these pages into 4 categories:

1, to jump to other pages for the purpose of the page

2, the page that provides the necessary information for the user

3, which provides some pages of information that users are not interested in,

4, the page that causes the user to no longer jump

4 highlights of the

optimization problem page

according to the location of the page, the optimization method is also different. So, how do we optimize these problem pages,


1, for web pages that jump to other pages

this kind of page is mainly the homepage of some websites, or the home page of the channel category. >