Helpless keywords ranking

today in the search engine search previous to do a word optimization, found that a is not the theme, promotion word station even row position, or real theme promotion word station noun also better. I cut a map for everyone to see,

look at the screenshot above can be found on the first (eshang Internet) on the subject of epilepsy is not simply words, only in the lower (epilepsy rehabilitation network) is really going to push the subject station. When I saw this, I analyzed it briefly. It was in May 16th that I swapped their two spaces, and the domain names, of course, were bound to each other. Perhaps that is in effect during the binding domain of spiders to the dog just! Unexpectedly is not tight, I also took the stand not epilepsy into epilepsy station.

this shows that dogs update speed is not ordinary ah, even in this short period of time after the capture quickly to the rankings, ha ha. Look at that ranking, I can’t help laughing. I wonder if it’s the same title. Dogs prefer the latest one. Why else would a new one be more advanced than the old one?. Maybe a moment, I believe the dog’s ranking rules will not be so retarded, then continue to observe, to see my station that error, included in what time can adjust, and then say to you.