How do you feel about being a successful website

ha ha, I have not written the original article here for a long time, just can not sleep today, write out the recent feelings, and share with you.

from N years ago I began to do a website, always do not know what is the website optimization, until June 15th of last year, one of my 20000 data station, search engines are relentless K off, I have been looking for my K and the reasons, found SEO accidentally, and began to study, at first really have the effect, just do a junk page can get hundreds of IP, more and more do forget the meaning, just lying to traffic, time should be test stage.

then found China SEO data station, found SEO QQ group, I added to the 3 group, and later, grassroots network will open, so I will be with you here to exchange learning, of course, when doing the test, there is no a decent stand in hand, not know how much time passed, they finally have an impulse to do its own website, so Baidu Research Institute was born, this station, just 3 months time, Google PR=3, and the highest flow rate up to 26000/ days. Now there are about 3500-4000 of the traffic every day.

I think someone will ask at this point. On the surface, my research institute is not like a high flow station. Not wrong, on the surface, I forums are basically original articles and posts of people, some key words and I do, will be maintained at a day hundreds, but behind some pages I didn’t announce to everyone, those words flow are relatively large, now also have to die in the traffic. Here I have not announced. Those are the words, and N is among the top spears, causing a surge in Web traffic.

now do local websites, for website development has a new feeling, before I have repeatedly stressed that not to SEO and SEO, that doesn’t make any sense, the real purpose is to SEO, when the search engine users effectively fixed users into their own website, I think this is the website development road.

actually, you don’t have to hurry to optimize what, don’t worry what ranking, my recent experience is that every time you send an article, is serious to do, even if it is only 1IP in the process of key words every day, you continue to organize, when you have 10 thousand data, so every piece of information daily 1IP so, your site is 10 thousand IP daily, said here, I think everyone should know


SEO technology to a good supporting role on the website, but whether you can retain users, whether this technique can be applied to your site bigger and stronger, but also how to treat their own website, if only to do keywords to cheat flow, not to guide the user, then the blind bear breaking the corn snapping to break away or those things a few years there will be progress, the site now, maybe a lot of people are thinking about how to make money, when you think about.