Content is king How do the media view their writing weapons

The development of the Internet

let us basically bid farewell to paper media era, instead, we get the newsletter from the media every kind of the way. From the early independent blogs to later micro-blog and WeChat, the media camp has been changing, but its influence has been constant and constant.. But the explosion of red from the media from the media content to creative personnel challenges, how can in many media first gained attention, creating what points should be paid attention to are worth discussion and research problems.

in fact, no matter when it develops, it should be clear from the media, that is, the reason for winning content. After all, as the carrier of information sharing, since the media should understand their own content to retain the most critical part of the user, marketing and promotion is important, but not the main melody, only do content, in accordance with the content to keep the user is the development of the road at all. Therefore, to some extent, the lifeblood of the content from the media, rather than the so-called fans economy. So here comes the question, how should the media master the content,

?How should

write from the media content,


NO.1 should have special features to attract fans and pay attention to interaction.

In the modern society where

is full of information, catching the eyeballs of human beings becomes a required course for media development. In short, it requires us to have the distinctive features of the media creators and be popular with the public. For example, micro-blog is the fire of "hand brother" you will have many fans, his main activity is on micro-blog to "Kam beauty", fans provide photos, hand brother to score, you will often create a specific scene characters into play, often with satire and ridicule etc. unusual means to evaluate photo beauty, it is the way out of the ordinary room, in the short term jump red network. Of course, this is only one example, as from the media, we find their own positioning and characteristics is very important, after all, thousands of content, so that we first glance at you, "alternative" is a good tool.

NO.2 content should have timeliness, hot instant.

The timeliness of the

network is not too much to say, without limitation of news news is not news, there is no natural way to get attention new in order to be different. Therefore, from the media creators to grasp the hot spot ability is also very important. Take some time ago Feng Fei composite this thing, many media platform will be the first time in have issued their own voice, then the creator in order to make it more entertaining began wildly beating gongs and drums network scripts creation. Ask, now the limelight has passed, who would also like to search relevant content?. Therefore, for self media creation, only through the timeliness of news headlines to win the eye, in order to achieve maximum success.

NO.3 don’t test the bottom line of the reader, advertising should pay attention to.

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