Deputy editor of the NetEase has bright gem the end to return to the commercial nature

NetEase science and technology news January 17th news, sponsored by the NetEase science and technology NetEase Club anniversary celebration was held in Beijing, the theme of the conference is to allow business to return to the nature of business". Conference site investors, venture capital companies will be their own views on the venture capital industry in 2015, as well as the trend of the analysis of the trend of venture capital in 2016.

Ceng Guangming, deputy editor in chief of

media NetEase made an opening speech. In his speech, the light mentioned NetEase in January 2015 to build a special service platform for entrepreneurs and investors, NetEase venture Club. In 2015, there has been a wave of entrepreneurship that has never been seen in history, and there have been dramatic changes in the second half. 2015 in the first half of the talk about entrepreneurship, in the second half we are talking about the winter.

"in the past year, saw a lot of the original air industry, such as 020, after the car market, car and other fields there are many start-ups fail, but also see some previously silent companies grow star." Example of light.

Ceng Guangming think, whether it is lively or lonely, entrepreneurship will eventually return to the commercial nature. What is the nature of business, is always "user, cost and efficiency". He believes that if simply selling stories, feelings follow burn, the rainbow in the sky as the earth bridge to go, business will not last long, and the nature of business is precisely the one thing in the crazy start-ups in neglected.

finally, Zeng Guang said that in 2016, the NetEase will venture Club and many entrepreneurs together to continue to move forward, to provide more high-quality content, provide more services for entrepreneurs and investors, together with you to grasp the pulse of the times change, and common progress.