Nineteen features to identify a garbage collector

1, the date of copyright information is not accurate, and it also shows that the last edit date is not a good site on the page.

2, a huge link from a link factory. It’s obvious that links to factories are a lot of unrelated links.

3, too many dead links. Such a site gives the feeling is a no maintenance site, belongs to the dead site.

4, a high degree of link change, refers to changes in the page code link state, the direction of the page changes, very fast. The link of a site is very unstable and its reliability is low.

5, the site that leaves quickly, the user will quickly click the back button and select another search result. Such sites are likely to cheat through search engines, get rankings, in fact, content is completely unrelated, users have to go back to find the right site.

6, too many repeat content, in a site, many pages of content is repeated, such a site must not be a good site.

7, domain name registration information and received punishment before the same site. This is related, and many AdSense publishers have this experience.

8, use, or link to those well-known garbage stations. This company belongs to the perception of.

9, the domain name was punished before, or it used to be a garbage site.

10, a site has not been updated for a long time, content achievements.

11, if the site’s Web site is too long, such as that directory name and file name is very long, it is obvious that the search engine is over optimized.

12, the exchange link is very high in terms of common export links, and this is a symptom of excessive SEO.

13, which has no or very few export links, is also a fairly doubtful phenomenon.

14 has no or very few import links, and no other sites are concerned about this site. The phenomenon is that the value of this site is very low.

15, all of the import links are regularly directed to the home page, then it is likely that these links are


was unified.

16, export links pointing to those garbage sites, problematic sites.

17, there is a lot of over exposed language at a non adult site, which is also a sign of a bad site. Because the site users from all places, at all ages, and if the site has adult content, then it should be separated from the non adult content part of the area.

18, a site that has mixed content without a bit of a connection, such as a site that reviews toys and sells insurance or viagra.

19, database or >