The 4 step is to create a warm network community

Mexican club was born in December last year, just remember to send a A5 on-line articles and discussion, hoping to make their ideas clear point: how do TXT novel download forum. Later because there has been no clearance record for 3 months. By May 1st this year, the record was officially opened. After 3 months of hard work, IP has now exceeded 1000, and PV has reached 30 thousand. Here I will record some of my 3 months experience and communicate with you.

1: do forum is to do positioning

whether a forum successfully on track, and the positioning of a forum is very large, such as A5 positioning in the site transactions, and not outdated, Chinaz conflict and meteoric rise. Last month’s Wikimedia conference in Hangzhou also went into depth with big brother. We choose to do the Mexican Club novels, because TXT novels share a huge market, China has at least 50 more than 100 thousand registered members of the forum, posted on 5000. since there are so many predecessors in, so we must take the market segments in a professional field. After investigation, choose Tanbi, romance (this part of the audience are girls, the girls I love, maybe he can hold a beauty back ^_^)

2: to do forums is to do content

is now the Internet content is king, as a resource forum, we must do a good job, as a novel forum, there must be a considerable amount of storage, when one day as long as the users want to see the novel can be found in your forum forum, why not. This is a copy of the formula, such as: I love drawing, they committed to creating the PS amateur communication platform, concentrating on the material and tutorial share content to achieve rich and exclusive absolute, so it became the best domestic PS amateur exchange platform.

3: to do forums is to make atmosphere

from a Mexican club to establish itself as the most warm: Danmei, romantic novels share forum, with a warm and harmonious atmosphere exchanges to influence every member to stay. Because ink deep know: content is a foundation, the atmosphere is the superstructure. The forum is a microcosm of the real life, so there should be a forum for marriage, gifts, and other family Zhaoqing product, there would be a care, have a care more of a feeling of home, when the writer would not hesitate to family contribution.

4: BBS is to do contacts,

mixed Internet for 3 years, has been free in the webmaster circle, to today or will only do BBS, to today, there are not a few circle of friends, every time I see fish is I know him, he doesn’t know me. It is proud of me and photo graph king, although graph king has not remember who I am; I patiently guide hadron hadron brother, big brother you can not forget me to ^_^ today is a small piece of grass, is contacts do not A5 how to do it, to a certain extent. On or near the king’s personal charm > figure