Teach you how to keep the rankings stable

website construction, when you want the site on-line can have a good ranking, so that it is conducive to the significance of website construction. Good website ranking requires continuous efforts of optimization personnel, through efforts to get the site rankings, in order to maintain stability, we must take some measures to do, this is very important point. The following is how to maintain the stability of the southern Netscape website ranking, said the point must be declared before is before your site optimization and did not take the "black hat optimization method".

1, constantly testing sites included, ranking

should always pay attention to the search engine trends, in order to better optimize the site. Because the search engine is not stable, so every day on the site included and ranking for testing, see included is increased, the article has not been included, the detection of these, the site dynamic, can make coping methods to keep the website ranking stable.

2, check competitor’s website

In addition to

dynamic to keep abreast of their own website, the website also need to understand the situation of competitors, the so-called "in" why is this truth. SEO is not behind closed doors, but with more attention to the overall dynamic. Although we don’t have much time to test every competitor’s site, we need to check some sites that rank higher than their own.

3, guaranteed to continually update site content

In order to attract

spiders constantly crawl on the site, will continue to update the site, the long-term stability of the content, thus increasing the number included in the site, improve the site’s weight, in order to improve the speed of update snapshot. If the site does not update for a long time, the snapshot will stop, and other aspects of the site will be affected, resulting in unstable site rankings.

4, to ensure that links increase,

outside the chain for the role of the site rankings, I believe we all know well. Powerful chain is the backing of the site rankings, need to increase the chain of the site every day, to ensure the stable growth of the chain.

5, continue to improve the website user experience

now a lot of emphasis is on the user experience of the site, the user experience is immutable and unchanging? That certainly is not, everything is constantly changing. The user experience of the website was initially to be considered early in the website construction, the province in the process in the days after the change too much is not good for the website ranking. However, some small changes can be done, regardless of the site’s early, mid and late, it is bound to modify some user experience.

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