Do these three, make enterprise website more attractive

enterprise website oriented object is users, companies can make use of the power of Web site to promote products, promote the company image, provide an effective platform for the development of enterprises, expand sales channels, reduce operating costs, but also provides users with the effective purchasing way, increase the convenience of buyers and sellers. However, enterprises want to increase the user’s recognition of the site, and enhance the attractiveness of the site, which has higher requirements for website construction. How to design a website in order to catch the eyeballs of the users and highlight the advantages of the enterprise? In the construction of the website, we need to do the following:

website construction do these, enterprise website more attractive,

1, the website’s accurate design style,

design style to be linked to the brand style, a strong brand can make the enterprise stand in the field, when the site construction, taking into account the brand style, can effectively convey information to the user and brand, build brand trust, help to promote the brand. The overall style of the site, from the color, logo, icon, navigation, background and so on, each element designers create needs and brand are closely linked to the formation of the brand style of all blend into one harmonious whole to allow the user to enter the site, then you can perceive the enterprise culture.

2, website layout design,

website layout design three elements: web size, common structure, layout trends!

page size: in the design of the site should consider different screen sizes under the display mode, the basic requirement is to consider the maximum and minimum of the scene: 1920× 1080 and 1024× 768, by reasonable layout, to meet the user’s browsing comfort.

common structure: the site has a general layout mode version, namely header, footer, sidebar and content area, enterprise web site commonly used in font layout includes corner type, type framework around, under the frame type etc..

typesetting trend: some enterprises pay more and more attention to show the visual effect and the image of the company’s website layout, no longer adhere to the traditional fixed model, a lot of creative site layout layout that has entered a new era.

3, website design of color scheme

color occupies a very important position in the construction site, good matching is a prerequisite for creating a successful web site, is a powerful tool to express feelings and convey information, website design, including four parts: the main color is color, a color of "occupy the area of the largest; auxiliary color, is generally the main the color on the color wheel 90 degrees to approximate color change effect; dotting color, generally the main color and secondary color color contrasting color or complementary, play a key role; the background color, is" what is the absence of color display.

website construction do these, enterprise website more attractive,

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