Refuse to refuse traffic, but also the nternet, a blue sky, pure land

is not in a good mood today, perhaps do not know what they are tired! And perhaps worry too much trouble! Your own website how to change the title of the keyword! How to locate, why is it so hard to find friendship connection! How can be daohangzhan included…… Many! Feel this more than 1 months have been such a problem out of breath!

get up in the morning, the first thing to open your website, point, the following Webmaster Station Statistics, into the view of traffic and world rankings! That day ranked 54751 in the world. Another new record! It should have been fun. But I’m not as excited as I used to be in the top 100 thousand. Because the above problem doesn’t change because of this ranking at all, I know I want to get high quality traffic, I need to improve the weight of search engine. I need to get Baidu approval. But all this, all need to improve the chain. Looking for friends show website connection (I don’t know whether it is true, I’m not SEO master! All see other people’s article said), but I saw so many Webmaster Station! Although there are many stations, IP reached 20 thousand. But I don’t have the heart to connect my station with them. Because of the full screen ad that they see in the station, get out of the pop-up, exit the pop-up, and set the home page…… I can’t stand it. I don’t want to talk to them! I know that 360 of the cinema is not willing to


dear webmaster friends, you don’t really love that station? You into this station is not boring? Not to the first 1 minutes to pop and induce you to lower your station identity, not so superficial! We should stand up to do, to do high quality green station, station, station, security utility station. That money is likely to be lost is a permanent customer, and this customer may follow you to a steady stream of income! Sober up!


hope you also entertainment station sky, the Internet is also a pure land! I Love Ya Pear QQ57662213 is willing to make friends with the long-term vision of the webmaster! 360 cinemas and green safety for the sake of users web links.