Blog the top 10 points of independent blog SEO optimization

SEO optimization is commonplace, independent blog SEO optimization is fried leftovers. According to iResearch statistics, the number of mainland independent blogs has exceeded 1 million, but looking ahead, more than 80% of independent blogs still do not pay attention to the basic SEO optimization points. Today, I’d like to share with you again the top 10 highlights of the independent blog SEO optimization.

independent blog was the Internet practitioners home travel essential, but with more and more comprehensive website, independent bloggers have become increasingly difficult to survive, especially bloggers rely on independent blog subsistence, most of them have to switch. But that’s not to say that independent blogs are no longer available, and that independent blogs are just as hard to manage as they are, and that Lu Songsong blogs and moonlight blogs are a good example.

so, what are the main points of independent blog SEO optimization? What’s special about it,


point 1: content updates.

blog should always keep updated, it is best to update every day, and the content of the article should be closely integrated with the theme of the website, closely around the article keywords start.

because of the unique nature of the independent blog and the search engine’s awareness of the independent blog, it is recommended that you update it every day, and you need to call it at the corresponding column and home page. Conditional bloggers can update each column for a better one.

in addition, if the blog has a certain influence in the circle, it is recommended to open the landing system and contribute function, allowing users to produce content voluntarily.

key two: three labels.

blog each page needs to write three labels, title tag is the most important, the main keywords must be placed in the front position, and be concise and clear.


blog title tags in the "best," and "|", rather than "_" or "-" or "[]" symbol, cause you know.


independent blog should include blog names in each of the three tabs of the page, which has a major role in expanding brand influence.

point three: directory url.

blog column URL is best to use directory form rather than file form.

independent blog column URL in the column, the target icon is best to use pinyin instead of English, so that more conducive to Baidu optimization.

The length of

URL should be as concise as possible, so that it can be easily remembered by users.

point four: website theme.

blog earlier suggested that only use subdivision theme to increase authority and enhance ranking ability.


independent blog recommends several good sub themes: personal travel notes, a brand introduction, a game, a collection of quotations, etc..

in addition, independent blog >