Hubei’s first nternet listed companies start the business from the corridor

[Abstract] after the arrival of the gem landing day network, creating 13 consecutive daily limit, the founder of the richest woman in Hubei.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 26th

the last day of 2015, the day of the network and its CEO Lai Chunlin is an unusual day. On this day, the success of the success of the day landing landing gem, Hubei became the first local Internet companies listed, then create 13 consecutive daily limit, the market value of ten billion.

prior to the release, Lai Chunlin holds a 51.2% stake in the day of the network, after the release, Lai is still as high as the shareholding of up to 38%, thus greatly increased the value of the, a new generation of Hubei’s richest woman.

Sheng day network was originally a local grassroots enterprises in Hubei. At about the same time, similar to PPTV this type of Internet companies also moved away from Wuhan, there are a lot of companies disappear or merger integration, but Sheng day network stuck down.

Lai Chunlin in Wuhan before the Optics Valley conference Internet plus "innovation development also revealed, Sheng day network business for 10 years, had moved 13 times, the most is the beginning of entrepreneurship in the corridor.

A review of the

business in these 10 years, said Lai Chunlin told the Tencent interview with science and technology, the most difficult is the first half of the year Sheng day network listed, originally thought that the company will soon issue smoothly, has suffered in July 2015 A shares, the stock market crash of August, IPO suspended for six months.

expect the greater the disappointment

Lai Chunlin said, when you get closer to the dawn, you will feel more and more anxious. And when you think you can go on the market, you can immediately get tickets for the capital market, you can have a greater action, IPO suddenly suspended the number of people will lead to a very lost heart.

"the day we knew the news was on Saturday, I immediately called the executive meeting to inform us what we need to do inside. IPO suspension may be six months, maybe a year, who do not know, we must re adjust their strategy, do a good job of preparing for a protracted war."

Lai Chunlin said, the purpose of the meeting is to encourage a team, give you more confidence, on the other hand also consider, a way to boost the capital market is the management of the company, but the key is to get down to do business.

actually, when IPO restart, Sheng day network release time is determined, Lai Chunlin but some do not believe, that someone asked over, thought it was the beginning of rumors.

for the preparation of IPO Sheng day network mixed

companies to prepare for the listing of IPO is a long-term process. When originally submitted the prospectus publicity, Sheng day network design, the main business is engaged in internet entertainment platform development, and based on this platform of network advertising and Internet value-added services, as well as >